Innovative and certified DC meter solution for EV chargers

16-11-2020 | LEM | Automotive Technologies

LEM has launched its new DC meter solution, a smart and most compact DC Billing Meter (DCBM), fully compliant with the German 'Eichrecht' regulation.

The DCBM is a smart and compact billing solution that assists EV charging stations to take advantage of the benefits of DC charging. Providing a power measurement range from 25kW to 600kW, the DCBM is a legal and certified meter that offers accurate billing of DC chargers.

The German 'Eichrecht' regulations state that consumers should only be billed for the DC power supplied. Standards are currently being established not only at the European level but also for the international level and more specifically in the USA in the state of California.

The solution has been designed to satisfy market needs for inter-operability and data security, easy and fast retrofitting of charging stations already in situ, and the capability to deliver high power at up to 600A/1000V. Created to satisfy future connectivity needs, the solution provides Ethernet communications, supporting the HTTPS/REST protocol to enable quick integration and deployment within charging stations.

The solution also incorporates the Signed billing data sets according to the S.A.F.E OCMF protocol, enabling billing data to be transmitted with an exceptionally high level of security and supplying total interoperability for cloud service operators.

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