High-accuracy positioning system evaluation kit

20-11-2020 | Alps | Design & Manufacture

Alps Alpine Co Ltd offers a High-Accuracy Positioning System Evaluation Kit utilising a Bluetooth Low Energy chip in recognition of heightened positioning requirements.

Responding to these issues, the company has begun to commercialise positioning modules using sub-GHz bands, including its Long-Lifetime Asset Tracker for logistics operations. The company is presently seeking further development of high-accuracy positioning technology using a Bluetooth Low Energy chip, aiming for commercialisation in 2021.

In advance of this, the company has developed an evaluation kit for usage with a high-accuracy positioning system. The company’s high-accuracy positioning technology uses an original position detection algorithm created by Greina Technologies, Inc. The system accomplishes high-accuracy positioning due to being able to measure the AoA and ToA simultaneously. Positioning utilises a Bluetooth Low Energy chip that has been employed widely in the market, allowing easy data communication with current systems that already employ Bluetooth. The system, therefore, has tremendous potential for implementation in society.

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