Cabinets offer unparalleled features and options

02-11-2020 | Verotec | Subs & Systems

Verotec’s IMRAK 1400 Series racking system offers users, 19” rack system configurers and installers, exceptional features and options. The series is more than a basic rack, its design features and wealth of features means that it is utilised anywhere from ships’ decks to data centres, from rugged industrial environments to broadcast studios, telecoms and cutting-edge research organisations.

Configurability and strength are the series' key features. The construction comprises welded top and base frames for stability, strength and rigidity; the verticals are bolted to two end frames to create the basic structure. Offered in multiple combinations of height, width and depth, the series has standard sizes to serve the great majority of needs. The static load rating is 500kg, and at full load the design confirms that there is no structural deformation, tilting or instability. Built-in features including adjustable 19” panel mountings, which are offered with or without extra mountings to the rear for chassis trays and cable distribution and management channels, sliding shelves, chassis trays. For 800mm wide racks, the 19” panel mountings can be mounted to lowering cable channels that preserve the 19” width for front panels and also offer cable distribution space up either side of the rack. Different cable entry options, through the base, through dedicated panels below decreased height front or rear doors and via the top cover are offered as standard.

When assembling the populated rack, good all-round access is offered with removable front, rear doors and latch-shut side panels. Other intelligent design points incorporate plain and ventilated top covers, top-mounting fan trays that are outside the useable U height and pre-installed mountings for optional screw-in lifting eyes. In the base, castors and bolting down brackets may be fitted together, allowing the finished unit to be positioned before being safely fastened to the floor. This is a distinct benefit for shipborne applications, where bolting down to the deck is crucial.

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