Server improves performance for Next Gen 5G networks

21-10-2020 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has stated its SKY-8101D server would shortly be verified as upgraded Intel Select Solution for NFVI Forwarding Platform powered with 100GbE Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters. The platform delivers a workload optimised virtual infrastructure able to manage with the network traffic increase expected from 5G. The device can be incorporated as part of a vBNG solution attaining 310Gbps throughput over 4 x 100GbE interfaces. This solution consumes ~50W less wall power measured throughout peak performance. The company also announced it is to upgrade other verified Intel Select Solutions for NFVI with the Intel Ethernet 800 Series.

Upgraded Intel Select Solutions for NFVI Forwarding Platform with multiple 100Gbps connectivity improve network performance and can be employed by communication service providers to create a single coherent virtual infrastructure for seamless access, next-generation central office and core network transformation toward cloud native 5G architectures. Verified platforms are able to sustain optimised data and control plane processing for workloads covering the 4G and 5G wireless functions encountered in vEPC and vUPF, as well as in the wireline network gateway functions vBRAS, vBNG , vAGF and vCMTS. This pre-validated, pre-optimised solution accelerate deployment and time to remuneration, while decreasing integration risk for communication service providers.

"The introduction of 5G will bring an order of magnitude increase in capacity of network traffic which will impact network operator virtualisation strategy especially when deploying user plane functions", said Ben Shen, product director, Cloud IoT Group, Advantech. "By verifying our SKY-8101D server for the upgraded Intel Select Solutions for NFVI with multiple100Gbps connectivity, we can help service providers build an optimised virtual infrastructure that streamlines their transition toward 5G with high throughput platforms that are available for deployment today."

"Communications service providers require workload-specific platform optimisations that deliver both high performance and flexibility as they upgrade their networks with new 5G infrastructure", said Chandresh Ruparel, director of Wireless Core Infrastructure Segment, Intel. "By verifying their SKY-8101D for the upgraded Intel Select Solution for NFVI Forwarding Platform with our new Intel Ethernet 800 Series, Advantech can offer service providers an optimised infrastructure solution that can also scale as networks evolve."

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