Power devices tailored to perform in resonant topologies

07-10-2020 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies meets the demand for SMPS designs in industrial applications where recent technology trends comprise the necessity for high efficiency and power density as well as increased bus voltages. This initiates the requirement for power devices with 650V breakdown voltage. With its 650V CoolMOS CFD7 product family, the company satisfies these demands. The devices are ideal for resonant topologies in soft-switching applications like server, telecom, solar and off-board EV-charging.

Expanding the voltage range of the family, the new device succeeds the CoolMOS CFD2. The added 650V products match LLC and zero-voltage-switching phase-shift full-bridge topologies in which they are providing multiple advantages when compared to past generations. The extra 50V breakdown voltage, an integrated fast body diode, and enhanced switching performance make the product family an excellent fit for contemporary designs. Extremely low reverse-recovery charge and outstanding thermal behaviour add to the benefits.

The switching losses, as well as RDS(on) dependency over-temperature, are greatly reduced. The product family offers very good hard-commutation ruggedness. Due to the improved gate charge (Qg) and the fast switching performance, the family improves efficiency over the entire load range. In the predominantly targeted SMPS application, these MOSFETs offer excellent light-load and enhanced full-load efficiency compared to the competition. Also, the best-in-class R DS(on) allows customers to improve the power density level of SMPS at a competitive price.

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