Low noise single-coil fan and pump driver for industrial and home appliance applications

15-10-2020 | Melexis | Power

Melexis has introduced a new single-coil fan and pump driver IC with a peak driving capability of 2.2A. The MLX90412 blends high performance with low noise operation, making it outstanding for a broad range of home appliances and industrial applications. Suitable for driving loads of up to 35W, it complements the MLX90411, adding a high power option to the range.

The device operates from a supply voltage in the range 3.5V to 32V and is robust up to 40V. This makes it ideal for usage in equipment on 12V and 24V power supplies, as well as portable applications with up to seven Li-ion cells (~29 ). Home appliance applications comprise drain pumps for washing machines and dishwashers, as well as toilet pumps; blowers, fans and cross blowers in air conditioning units, desk and pedestal fans; and Li-ion based applications including robot cleaners and robot lawnmowers.

Multiple motor commutation options can be accommodated to satisfy the requirement for high torque and low acoustic noise and low vibration. A patented adaptive control algorithm assures the highest efficiency is attained with the lowest reverse current, over the entire speed range and separate of the motor inductance or applied lead angle.

The device offers multiple integrated protection features including locked rotor, over-temperature, overvoltage, short circuit and current limiting, and built-in supply clamping. Similar to the MLX90411, the device is programmable through an I2C interface, and all options are configurable in the on-board EEPROM. The device is provided in a 3mm x 3mm DFN10 package.

By Natasha Shek