Latest SMARC 2.1 design for real time automation control and safety-critical applications

29-10-2020 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has launched its SMARC 2.1 SOM-2532 featuring the latest 10nm Intel Elkhart Lake processor. The device provides up to four cores and yields 40% greater CPU performance and enhanced graphics processing in comparison with past models. This innovative solution supports multiple I/O and displays comprising two GbE LAN supporting TSN PHY, three independent 4K displays, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps), and 1 x SATA Gen3. With its enhanced processing power and diverse I/O, SOM-2532 is an ideal option for a mixture of applications including industrial control, transportation and medical applications.

This solution is powered by Intel's Elkhart Lake Processor and supports on-board LPDDR4 3200Mt/s up to 16GB with IBECC. The company's design provides on-board UFS2.0, dual GbE LAN with TSN PHY, two CAN FD for higher data-throughput and three independent displays up to 4K. The new generation improves CPU performance by more than 40% and graphic performance up to two times when compared to its predecessor. Non-volatile memory speeds improved, compared to eMMC 5.1 as SOM-2532 with UFS2.1 implementation can attain a 40% increase in sequential read and a 20% increase in sequential write speeds.

The device features USB 3.2 Gen2(10GT/s) and PCIe Gen3(8.0GT/s), both of which are greatly faster than their predecessors. CAN-FD allows a maximum 8Mbps data transfer rate and would reach 10x the speed of the payload transmission, which is essential in data-intensive applications. Low latency and also classic CAN devices are supported in many cases. Using an increased data payload size and CAN-FD protocol, SOM-2532 enhances security. SOM-2532 utilises TSN PHY to improve device communication accuracy. This system improves the precision of data synchronisation over the network and minimises jitter to reduce latency during real-time device communication. SOM-2532's combination of attributes makes it an excellent solution for applications in automation and transportation industries.

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