Industry-first LED drivers in DFN package with side-wettable flanks

15-10-2020 | Nexperia | Lighting Technologies

Nexperia now offers a new range of LED drivers in the space-saving DFN2020D-6 (SOT1118D) package. This case style provides side-wettable flanks which enable the usage of AOI and improve reliability. This is the first time LED drivers have been offered in this package. The new leadless devices join the company's broad range of LED drivers in leaded packages providing equivalent performance yet lowering PCB space by up to 90% compared to SOT223.

With a footprint of only 2mm x 2mm and a low profile of 0.65mm, the new LED drivers are offered in NPN and PNP technology. They feature an output current of up to 250mA (NCR32x types) and a maximum supply voltage of 75V. Their high thermal power ability is at least equal to any other package for LED drivers.

Commented Frank Matschullat, product group manager at Nexperia: “The new DFN2020D-packaged parts with SWF address the concerns of various sectors – size, performance, ruggedness – so they are a perfect match for many diverse applications in general lighting, white goods and automotive. Nexperia is committed to deliver industry’s broadest discrete portfolio in DFN technology, so introducing LED drivers in this rugged, space-saving package is a natural step. However, parts are also available in leaded SMD styles so customers can choose which to use.”

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