Extended line of 3D profile sensors for shiny surfaces

06-10-2020 | Murata | Test & Measurement

LMI Technologies has released the Gocator 2430/2440/2450 blue laser line profile sensors. The latest addition to the company's 2400 series, these new blue laser models are created for 3D scanning of shiny metal surfaces in EV battery inspection, small to medium-size electronic and automotive parts, rail inspection (rail geometry), and general factory automation applications. The 2400 series also provides several red laser models for optimal performance and maximum flexibility in a user's scanning applications.

With its shorter wavelength, blue laser light performs better than red or green lasers when scanning specular surfaces. Blue laser generates 'cleaner' profiles on shiny targets, enabling it to accomplish higher measurement accuracy as a result. For example, 2450 blue laser sensors can provide high-quality 3D scan data of train rails even in full sunlight and when the track ballast is wet.

“These three new line profilers add high sensitivity blue laser scanning to the 2400 series. Offering a balance of speed, high-resolution data, and wide fields of view, customers can achieve precision 3D scanning and inspection of shiny surfaces with the most cost-effective sensor setup possible,” said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies.

The blue laser profilers come in an IP67-rated industrial housing providing all-in-one functionality, comprising web-based user setup, built-in 3D visualisation, drag and drop measurement tools and communication protocols that are unmatched in the 3D sensor market.

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