Electromagnetic protective sleeving ideal for EVs and HEVs

23-10-2020 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

HellermannTyton Helagaine HEGEMIP-HY braided sleeving, available from TTI Europe, was created to protect sensitive electronics in EVs and HEVs from electromagnetic interference. The sleeving is fabricated from halogen-free polyester interwoven with tin-plated copper.

This high-quality EMI protective sleeving does not rupture or kink, even when flexed at sharp angles. It is ideal for operating temperatures varying between -40C and +150C. This braided sleeving is orange-coloured for application in high-voltage electric vehicle harnesses. It offers an expansion ratio of 3:1 and is provided with an inner disposable tube which makes it simple to insert cables. The sleeving meets the requirements of IEC CISPR25 for radio disturbances in vehicles and is offered in five sizes ranging from 20mm to 50mm internal diameter.

Suitable applications include electric and hybrid vehicle harnesses, industrial machinery, and defence equipment.

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