Amplifier EVM supports next-generation 5G m-MIMO active antenna system

01-10-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments LMH9135RRLEVM Amplifier Evaluation Module, available now from Mouser, is employed to evaluate the LMH9135 device, which is a differential input to single-ended output 18dB gain block amplifier offered in 2mm x 2mm2 12-pin RRL package. The device is ideal for supporting the needs for the next generation 5G m-MIMO active antenna system while interfacing the output of a transceiver and driving PA input.

The EVM is created to quickly demonstrate the functionality and performance of the LMH9126 for a 3.55GHz transmit application with 600MHz of 1dB BW. By default, the board is set up for 100Ohm differential input matching and 50Ohm single-ended output matching for simple interface with 50Ohm test equipment. The EVM is ready to connect to +3.3V power supply, signal source, and test instruments through the usage of onboard connectors.

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