Affordable EMI receiver slashes test times

23-10-2020 | MDL | Subs & Systems

Test times can be cut dramatically with a new high-performance EMI receiver from PMM. Offered by MDL Technologies, the ER8000 is an affordable, fully CISPR 16-1-1 compliant receiver ideal for conducted or radiated emission test measurements from 9kHz up to 3GHz.

Its use of gapless FFT technology enables rapid troubleshooting since a fully compliant scan can take just two seconds in frequency band B (250 to 500MHz) and only one minute in bands C and D (500MHz to 1GHz / 1GHz to 2GHz).

A combined EMI receiver and spectrum analyser, it is ideal for use by product design departments and EMC compliance testing laboratories. At the same time, its compact size and robustness make it invaluable for in situ testing.

"FFT technology makes the ER8000 extremely fast, helping to speed up test times massively compared with traditional receivers," said MDL managing director Mark Lucock.

The company's powerful Emission Suite software, which offers a full range of user-friendly functions for all EMI applications, is incorporated free of charge.

The device is offered in two models with frequency ranges of 9kHz to 30MHz and 9kHz to 3GHz respectively. Users can upgrade to the higher frequency range at any time.

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