Tools reduce base-station testing time and costs significantly

18-09-2020 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz USA has linked with SkyBridge Services to simplify DAS installation and maintenance. Supported by the SkyBridge cloud-based test management tools, the R&S Cable Rider ZPH is factory-calibrated to offer fast, efficient and accurate cable and antenna measurements up to 4GHz. Operated through a user-friendly touch-screen interface, the device provides all the necessary measurement capabilities needed for installing and maintaining cable and antenna systems in the field, including DTF, return loss, S21 measurements, VSWR and cable loss measurements, spectrum and interference analysis, and AM/FM/ASK/FSK demodulation.

With only a simple connection over a third-party wireless router, on-site base station and RF network testing data is transmitted to the SkyBridge cloud to additional simplify testing procedures. The rugged, small form factor of the device has a lightweight design that makes the analyser comfortable to carry, even in harsh and difficult-to-reach environments. Incorporating the fastest boot and sweep times on the market with the SkyBridge Tool, the device provides what is claimed to be the fastest measurement time in the industry.

SkyBridge is a patented, site-centric, cloud-based enterprise application that enables the uploading of radio frequency tests conducted by the R&S Cable Rider ZPH within seconds. This enables online viewing of any site tests and the qualified passing/failing of results, as well as automated markups and the placement of limit lines and markers. Users can also upload critical documentation about the site in question, enabling online viewing by all qualified agents.

Pete Alexander, manager of Mobile Network Test North America at Rohde & Schwarz, said: “When it comes to reducing time and overall costs in a network testing environment, the R&S Cable Rider ZPH used with the SkyBridge Tools is the ideal solution for collecting critical site test data and then aggregating that data with other data sources for easy and time-saving analysis and reporting.”

Two different R&S Cable Rider ZPH models are offered to suit different needs: a pure one-port cable and antenna analyser and a two-port model with additional spectrum analysis and tracking generator features. The free R&SMobileView app and R&SInstrumentView software provide for flexible remote controlling of the device.

By Natasha Shek