PoE injectors for one-source Ethernet protection and management solutions

15-09-2020 | Transtector | Subs & Systems

Transtector Systems has released a wide line of PoE Injectors, adding to its wide range of Ethernet surge protection and management solutions while meeting the demand for simple, effective and reliable hardware for broad-ranging Ethernet applications.

The company's new PoE injectors provide power to distant devices via Ethernet cables, eradicating the requirement for a power source at the device. This simple functionality simplifies the deployment of remote security cameras, traffic cameras, IP phones, pole-mounted access points, and other Ethernet devices.

“More and more industries around the world are using Ethernet to deliver powered capabilities quickly and cost-effectively,” said Dustin Guttadauro, product line manager for Transtector. “We’re excited to bring our decades of experience and innovation in power to PoE users, and these new injectors are a critical component in many applications.”

The new PoE injectors product family currently includes 24 configurations, with a wide range of options.

By Natasha Shek