Illuminated keyswitch offers smooth tactile feedback

25-09-2020 | C&K Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

C&K has designed an illuminated keyswitch series that provides smooth, positive tactile feedback with a clear tactile sound for exceptional ergonomics and ease of use. The D6 Series illuminated keyswitch provides an integrated LED, decreasing costs and simplifying the design of the illumination path. As a result, the series is employed in a broad range of panel applications including appliances, electronic games, industrial, security and video, medical, test equipment, and more.

The illuminated keyswitch simplifies customisation and integration. The keyswitch is created to allow easy X, Y coding on a single side PCB. Also, the series offers direct actuation without interface.

The illuminated keyswitch is offered in a broad range of colours, including bi colours.

“Most modern electrical control panel and systems require illuminated keyswitches to properly communicate with the user. The D6 Series offers clear visual signalling through a variety of colours and styles options, making it easy to match this switch to most any product design requirements,” said Cedric Garropin, C&K global product manager.

The series provides a mechanical life up to 100K cycles. The switch has an operating temperature of -20C to 60C.

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