High energy wet tantalum capacitor offers industry-high capacitance

28-09-2020 | Vishay | Passives

To satisfy the demands of defence and avionics applications, Vishay Intertechnology has extended its EP1 wet tantalum capacitor with new ratings in the B and C case codes. Providing what is claimed to be the industry's highest capacitance per voltage rating and case size for this device type, the capacitor is offered with radial through-hole or surface-mount terminations in the A, B, and C case codes, each one with a stud-mount option, for improved design flexibility.

Built on the company's SuperTan technology, the enhanced device now offers ultra-high capacitance from 3,600µF to 40,000µF in the B case code and 5,300µF to 58,000µF in the C case code. Voltage ratings for the device range from 25VDC to 125VDC. The device's excellent values include a capacitance of 12,000µF at 80V in the C case size, which is 33% greater than the nearest competing device. The capacitor offers a standard capacitance tolerance of ±20%, with ±10% tolerance available.

Optimised for pulse power and energy hold-up applications in radar, laser guidance, and avionics systems, the device is housed in an all-tantalum, hermetically-sealed case for improved reliability. The device functions over a temperature range of -55C to +85C, to +125C with voltage derating, and gives maximum ESR down to 0.015Ohm at 1kHz and +25C. The capacitor is offered with tin, lead (Sn/Pb) and RoHS-compliant 100% tin terminations.

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