Heated humidity and temperature probe for meteorology

04-09-2020 | E+E Elektronik | Test & Measurement

The EE260 humidity and temperature probe is the most recent product development for meteorology from E+E Elektronik. This high-precision sensing probe is ideal for reliable weather monitoring in road traffic or at airports. The sensor and probe heating facilitate precise and continuous humidity measurement, even in areas with high humidity levels. Due to its compact design, the device is compatible with commercially available radiation shields.

The sensing probe features a dual heating system comprising of a sensor and probe heating. Heating stops condensation of the humidity sensing element and measuring head due fog, dew, rain or snowfall. This indicates that the probe always provides precise and reliable measuring results, even where humidity levels are enduringly high. Heating also results in a extremely short response time, making the device particularly fitting for use in weather warning systems.

The sensing probe offers two freely configurable voltage outputs and an RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol. The measuring data is provided simultaneously at the analogue outputs and the digital output. Based on the measured humidity and temperature values, the device calculates additional humidity-related quantities including dew point temperature, absolute humidity or mixing ratio.

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