Extended-temperature Ethernet PHY transceiver for aerospace and defence applications

25-09-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Microchip Technology has released its new VSC8540/41 Gigabit Ethernet PHY RMII/RGMII Transceiver – a COTS-based device upgraded for avionics and defence applications.

Based on its COTS technology deployed in other industries, the company's Gigabit Ethernet PHY transceiver features a defence-grade, HiRel plastic package that satisfies the demands for applications varying from fighting vehicles to cockpit avionics and in-flight communication systems. The VSC8541RT Ethernet transceiver is a solution with RGMII and G.M.I.I., and also supports R.M.I.I and M.I.I. Megabit interface. The transceiver is latch-up immune to atmospheric radiation effects while functioning at a temperature range of –55C to 125C. Product specifications comprise wafer and assembly lot full traceability; description of testing, electrical parameters and fault coverage; qualification report; and certificate of compliance.

As COTS-based technology, the company's Ethernet PHY RMII/RGMII transceiver enables system designers to begin implementation with COTS devices before moving to defence-grade components, reducing significant development time and cost.

The RMII/RGMII transceiver is the latest high-reliability solution developed for extreme environments, building on the company’s aerospace, defence and space product portfolio.

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