10GBASE-T ICMs provide maximum speed over twisted-pair copper cables

18-09-2020 | Belfuse | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Bel Magnetic Solutions designers and manufacturers of MagJack Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs), has launched a line of Marvell compatible 10GBASE-T MagJack ICMs. These 10GBASE-T ICMs are excellent for customers wishing to upgrade their device performance for maximum speed over twisted-pair copper cables, up to ten times over standard Gigabit Ethernet technology.

The company’s Marvell compatible 10GBASE-T ICMs are created for customers employing the latest Marvell 10GBASE-T Ethernet PHYs, including the 88E2xxx and 88E3xxx series silicon. They are backwards compatible with existing Ethernet networks and are growing in popularity for next-generation 5G cellular applications, 5G small cell radio devices, high-speed PCIe network interface cards, low density, non-PoE 10GBASE-T Ethernet switches, storage area networks, high-end servers, and cloud computing. Industry-standard footprints and pinouts enable drop-in replacements for 1GBASE-T products, with no PCB changes required.

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