USB-C Power Delivery solutions accelerate industry adoption

13-08-2020 | Maxim | Power

Overcoming the challenges of implementing USB-C PD is possible with the MAX77958 USB-C PD controller and the MAX77962 28W buck-boost charger from Maxim Integrated Products. As portable devices attach new technologies such as 5G connectivity and 4K video, many are shifting from single-cell to two-series cell architectures. With this change, comes the demand for higher power delivery via USB-C PD and higher-power charging (25W or higher). With the MAX77958 USB-C PD controller, developers can now decrease development time by three months with an out-of-the-box USB-C PD compliant option, while also decreasing the solution size by half with the buck-boost charger.

The MAX77958 standalone USB-C PD controller can save three months of design, development and testing time with an out-of-the-box USB-C PD 3.0 compliant solution featuring Fast Role Swap and DRP support. The device incorporates features not generally integrated in traditional USB-C controllers, such as BC1.2 detection and integrated D+/D- switch for legacy USB port support. To facilitate robust designs, the IC features 28V VBUS rating, CC pin short protection, moisture detection and corrosion prevention.

New USB-C PD systems allow rapid charging of 2S Li+ batteries utilising an input voltage of 5V to 20V. The MAX77962 combines high-voltage FETs (30V absolute maximum voltage) able to deliver 28W of charging power in half the size of other 28W solutions. This buck-boost charger receives an input voltage range from 3.5V to 23V, supporting USB-C PD and legacy USB sources.

The devices are ideal for applications including game players, AR/VR devices, cameras, wireless speakers, portable printers and handheld computers, as well as industrial equipment and medical devices.

Consumer electronics will require more power for features like 5G and 4K video, and the appeal of faster charging will only increase,” said Nina Rao, analyst at Omdia. “The USB-C PD standard is remaking the charging landscape with the number of devices capable of USB-C PD expected to almost quadruple from 951 million in 2020 to 4.6 billion by 2024, according to Omdia’s recent USB-C report. However, new technologies require new solutions to speed market adoption.”

“Rapid battery charging for USB-C devices will alter the consumer electronics landscape,” said Bakul Damle, business management director, Mobile Power Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “The MAX77958 and MAX77962 can help speed these new capabilities to market by helping developers adopt the new USB-C PD standard. Maxim Integrated has done the work of integrating important features and getting USB-C PD 3.0 compliance to shorten our customers’ development time by several months. Customers can accelerate their development using our combined MAX77958 USB-C PD controller and MAX77962 28W buck-boost charger evaluation kit.”