Straight D-sub connectors in reliable press-fit technology

05-08-2020 | Provertha | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Provertha has acquired Erni's D-Sub products and machinery, optimally expanding its existing product portfolio and providing high-performance D-Sub solutions for almost every application.

The solder-free press-fit technology with the over a million times proven elastic press-fit zone assures a gas-tight connection on backplanes and PCBs and a highly reliable connection for special stresses such as vibration and shock. Soldering defects, flux problems or thermal stress are removed by employing press-fit technology. The straight (180-degree) TMC press-fit D-Sub connectors also provide easy assembly on both sides of the PCB with cost-effective press-fit tools.

The connectors are offered in press-fit technology as female and male versions in the standard installation height of 6.3mm. Versions with an installation height of 9mm and other heights are also available on request. Customers can select between pin counts of 9, 15, 25 and 37. There are also several options for mounting on the PCB, such as through-hole as well as UNC 4-40 or M3 threads or UNC 4-40 or M3 threaded bolts.

Versions in other colours or for special applications such as vacuum technology are also available on request.

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