Sharp images even with varying object distances

21-08-2020 | IDS | Subs & Systems

IDS Imaging Development Systems now provides extra camera variants with 2.1MP and 3.1MP Sony sensors which offer more versatility in terms of application design and camera integration. For the first time, the company also provides models with upright USB Type-C alignment in the product family.

As well as the previously available uEye LE AF cameras with 6.4MP (IMX178, 58fps) and 18.1MP (AR1820HS, 20fps) sensors, customers can now also buy models with 2.1MP (IMX290, 120fps) or 3.1MP (IMX265, 80fps). All cameras feature a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, USB PD – which can be employed, for example, to power an LED light source or a photoelectric sensor – and enable the usage and control of liquid lenses.

The autofocus function assures sharp images in the blink of an eye, even if the lens is not physically accessible or if the distance separating the lens and the object shifts frequently. The board-level cameras are, therefore, especially well-suited for applications in fields such as logistics or traffic monitoring. Due to the devices' compact design with dimensions of only 36mm x 36mm x 20mm, they also demonstrate their strengths in embedded vision systems. This means that they are also attractive for integration into small medical or industrial devices.

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