Precision op-amp has ultra-low input offset voltage and low noise

04-08-2020 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released its first precision op-amp. The AS2333 uses chopper stabilisation to achieve ultra-low input offset voltage of 8µV (typical) and near-zero drift (0.02µV/degree C, typical) over time and temperature. The chopper stabilisation also addresses low-frequency 1/f noise and offset voltage crossover distortion. Typical applications for the device include transducers, chemical detectors, medical equipment, and handheld test instruments.

The device features a typical common-mode rejection ratio of 120dB and a typical open-loop gain of 130dB beneficial for small signal sensors that measure parameters including pressure, temperature, sound, light, voltage, and current. As many applications have very low output signals, they need precision amplification with low offset and low noise.

The high precision, the dual-channel amplifier also provides high impedance inputs with a common-mode range 100mV beyond the supplies and an output swing that is within 50mV of the rails. Features for battery-operated applications incorporate a typical quiescent current of 12μA and supplies as low as 1.8V (±0.9V).

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