New LED drivers for reliable, efficient arena and outdoor lighting

12-08-2020 | Delta Europe | Lighting Technologies

Delta has launched the EUCO Arena Sport Series LED drivers, which are intended to provide luminaire manufacturer's a flexible solution for many industrial and commercial lighting applications such as high mast lighting, recreational sports lighting, harbours, airports, and parking lot lighting.

Constructed on three independent output channels with a maximum power of 500W (1500W total), these drivers offer a wide operating temperature range that ensures performance and reliability for the most rugged applications. These drivers allow precise tuning of the drive current and are furnished with dimming circuitry for DALI-2 digital dimming to provide for adjustment of lighting levels from 0.1% to 100%.

As well as the driver architecture and circuit topology, the company has delivered a very low typical current ripple of ≤1% peak-to-peak. This is important when it comes to televised events since current ripple can produce LED flicker. Flickering lights influence the quality of sports broadcasts and limit slow motion options.

The new LED drivers utilise solid heat sinks that give more contact area with the cold plate for passive cooling as well as high-quality components to deliver a long operating life with high reliability. The long lifetime and high reliability of the LED drivers have passed the rigorous 5000hrs plus Accelerating Life Test (ALT) with harsh environment of 65C temperature and 85 degrees humidity.

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