Indoor air quality sensor offers a great reduction in power consumption

28-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Sensirion SGP40 Indoor Air Quality Sensor is an integrated CMOSens sensor system on a single chip based on a metal-oxide sensor. The sensor offers a humidity-compensated indoor air quality signal by a digital I2C interface. The sensor uses the company's MOXSens Technology, which provides robustness against contamination by siloxanes and produces long-term stability in terms of sensitivity and response time. Employing sensing material and micro-hotplate technology, the device allows a drastic reduction in power consumption, making it ideal for battery-driven applications.

The company's VOC algorithm analyses VOC events identified by the sensor and maps them to a VOC index. This index gives a practical quantification of VOC events relative to every individual sensor’s average indoor environment. The VOC index shows to what extent the indoor air quality has declined or improved in comparison to the sensor’s average VOC environment. This information can be utilised for gradually controlling the fan of an air treatment device or to give feedback on the daily activity profile.

The sensor applications include air purifiers, demand-controlled ventilation, kitchen hoods, thermostats, and indoor air quality monitoring.

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