High-speed optocouplers for defence and avionics designs

03-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Lighting Technologies

Mouser now stock the OLI300, OLS300, OLI500, and OLS500 high-speed optocouplers from Skyworks Solutions. The optocouplers provide 1500VDC electrical isolation between the input and output, created for applications such as avionics, biomedical materials, radar, surveillance systems, space, instrumentation, and defence communications.

The OLI300 and OLS300 optocouplers are ideal for interfacing TTL to LSTTL. These optocouplers are also ideal for the CMOS and wide bandwidth analog applications. The optocouplers comprise an LED and an integrated photodiode transistor detector. The integrated photodiode transistor increases the switching speed (compared to standard phototransistors) by decreasing the base-to-collector capacitance.

The OLI500 and OLS500 optocouplers are ideal for high-speed digital interfacing applications, removal of ground loops, and input/output buffering. These optocouplers incorporate an LED and an integrated high-speed detector. The LED light is received by the photodiode in the integrated detector and amplified by a high-gain linear-amplifier that drives a Schottky-clamped open-collector output transistor. The typical propagation delay for these optocouplers is 60ns. The internal shield enhances common-mode transient immunity to 1000V/μs minimum.

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