Advanced RGB lighting controller unit is easy to deploy

28-08-2020 | Bridgetek | Lighting Technologies

Bridgetek continues to build up the portfolio of hardware offered to support its PanL home/building automation platform. Devised to be straightforward for installation engineers to implement and upgrade, the company’s new PanL Mood Lighting units offer a convenient and cost-efficient RGB-enabled lighting control solution. Compliant with DALI and DMX digital interface protocols, they provide users with total control of both the dimming level and colour hue in each light in an assigned living/working space or a place of business.

By supporting DALI/DMX protocols, smart lighting controllers offer customers a completely scalable solution that has the range to control a much greater number of light fixtures than would be achievable using alternative protocols. The units are able to address up to 512 RGB DMX output channels and up to 64 DALI drivers that ensure smooth dimming and better manipulation of different colour effects. They are based on the company's FT903Q 32-bit RISC MCUs, which are capable of 100MHz operation.

The FCC and CE certified PanL ML units are supplied in compact (145.7mm x 96.7mm x 29mm) enclosures. By connecting these units to the PanL Hub through an RS485 serial interface), they can be employed with equal ease to either brand new lighting installations or existing ones. In scenarios where a greater number of light fittings are involved, there is provision to daisy chain multiple controllers together.

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