Zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors achieve consistent and accurate measurements

10-07-2020 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

Texas Instruments has launched the industry’s first zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors. The TMCS1100 and TMCS1101 allow the lowest drift and highest accuracy over time and temperature while producing reliable 3kVrms isolation, which is particularly important for AC or DC high-voltage systems including industrial motor drives, solar inverters, energy-storage equipment and power supplies.

Ongoing demand for higher performance in industrial systems is pressing the demand for more precise current measurement, as well as reliable operation, which frequently comes with the cost of expanded board space or design complexity. The company has applied its expertise in both isolation and high-precision analog to the devices, empowering engineers to produce systems that will give consistent performance and diagnostics over a longer device lifetime, retaining its compact solution size without increasing design time.

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