SMD ferrites for suppression of automotive interference pulses

13-07-2020 | Wurth | Passives

W├╝rth Elektronik has launched a family of ferrites for the suppression of interference pulses in automotive applications. The respective peak-current ability of the ferrite beads is precisely specified. They are characterised by a high rated current of up to 10A and notably low resistances. Ferrite beads are offered in 0805, 1206, 1612, 1812, 2220, and 3312 construction sizes and can also in some cases be supplied with different specifications.

These components are ideal for filters with high inrush current peaks. Certified for operating temperatures ranging from -55C to +125C (AEC-Q200), the ferrites are intended for use in applications for noise reduction at power trains, body control and infotainment systems, motor interference suppression, DC-DC converters, audio systems, in battery-management systems, broadband suppression, and on many other areas besides.

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