Simple solution for dual-battery automotive and industrial systems

28-07-2020 | Analog Devices | Power

The Analog Devices LT8228 and LTC7871 bidirectional buck/boost controllers offer bidirectional voltage or current regulation and bidirectional reverse current protection. The controllers offer a simple, reliable power solution for dual-battery automotive and industrial systems.

The LT8228 is a single-phase controller that gives a stable power solution for 48V and 12V dual-battery systems in automotive vehicles, in which the 12V bus powers the infotainment, lighting, and audio systems, while the 48V bus powers active chassis systems, air conditioning compressors, and other performance systems. The device is a 100V constant-voltage or constant-current synchronous buck or boost controller, with the direction of power flow determined automatically by the device itself or controlled externally. The controller provides input and output protection MOSFETs to control inrush currents, defend against negative voltages, and offer isolation between terminals under fault conditions. The controller is also an excellent option for power interruption protection systems, high-power system backup and stabilisation, and 'N+1' redundant, high-reliability power supplies.

The LTC7871 is a six-phase bidirectional switching regulator controller that functions in either buck or boost mode on-demand via control signal, making it excellent for automotive 48V and 12V dual-battery systems as well. The device enables both batteries to supply energy to the load simultaneously by driving energy from either battery to the other. The device's proprietary constant frequency current mode architecture improves the SNR, allowing low-noise operation and producing excellent current matching between phases. Further features comprise an SPI-compliant serial interface, discontinuous or continuous mode of operation, independent loop compensation for buck and boost operation, overvoltage and undervoltage monitors, accurate inductor current monitoring, and overcurrent protection.

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