Rechargeable batteries now available in a small packing unit

02-07-2020 | TDK | Power

TDK Corporation offers a new packing unit for CeraCharge, claimed to be the world’s first SMD technology solid-state rechargeable battery, in the compact size EIA 1812 (4.4mm x 3mm x 1.1 mm3). The packing unit comprises ten blister-packed CeraCharge batteries which arrive in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. The components are produced in regular series production and are ideal for test purposes, prototype construction and the installation of pilot lines.

The device can be recharged more than 1,000 times and has a capacity of 100µAh at a nominal voltage of 1.5V. Currents in the range of a few mA are also able to be rapidly drawn. Due to the SMD technology, it is easy to install the batteries and process them in reflow soldering processes, which also, decreases the production costs of the device. The solution is intended for a temperature range of -20C to +80C.

To improve capacity and voltage, individual device chips can be combined in series and parallel as needed, opening up a very broad spectrum of potential applications, particularly in IoT applications. For example, this could cover real-time clocks, Bluetooth beacons, wearables or energy harvesting.

By Natasha Shek