Newly developed high-quality displays for medical use

21-07-2020 | Kyocera | Subs & Systems

Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions provides highly technological displays ideal for medical use. For this application, the standard displays sized 5.7", 10.4" as well as 12.1" proof to be the best option. Furthermore, there are also special sized displays with 6.2" (640 x 240 Pixel) for narrow application fronts offered.

The displays are offered for long-term life and are insensitive to radiation effects due to their metal housing. For especially hostile environments, Humisil encapsulation is provided to protect sensitive conductive tracks and product parts against corrosion. Effective LEDs with low waste heat and integrated converters are also employed. Another benefit is the Haptivity technology, which due to the haptic feedback, nothing stands in the way of safe and simple operation of the touch screen. Therefore, unintentional adjustment is impossible.

"Especially for devices that are subject to official approval, the long-term availability of the components is essential. Kyocera is a specialist for high-quality displays with long life cycles. Some products have been in use for more than ten years", Eberhard Schill, manager marketing and distribution at Kyocera explained.

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