MLCC is small in size and offers multifunctional uses

06-07-2020 | Murata | Passives

Murata has developed what is believed to be the world’s smallest, laminated MLCC with a capacitance value of 1μF in the 01005" size (0402M) measuring only 0.4mm x 0.2mm x 0.2mm. The GRM022R60G105ME01 has a rated voltage of 4VDC.

MLCCs with a capacitance of 1 μF are widely employed in many electronic devices with as many as 1,100 in a single smartphone. These new components satisfy the demand for smaller, thinner and more sophisticated mobile electronics and facilitate the further miniaturisation of electronic devices. The company's proprietary thin layer technology for ceramic elements and thin-sheet formation technology has provided a 35% reduction in footprint and a 50% reduction in volume ratio when compared with their existing product with the same capacitance value.

Takanori Hibino, Capacitors product manager of Murata Europe, said: “Our proprietary thin sheet forming process has enabled Murata to further reduce the size of our MLCCs. We remain at the forefront of electronic technology innovation, and we will continue to contribute to making communication devices smaller and in size and more multifunctional.”

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