High-voltage switcher ICs now certified for automotive use

08-07-2020 | Power Integrations | Automotive Technologies

Power Integrations now offers an AEC-Q100-qualified version of its LinkSwitch-TN2 switcher IC for buck or non-isolated flyback applications. Providing an integrated 750V MOSFET, the new automotive-qualified IC offers simple and reliable power for EV sub-systems connected to the high-voltage bus, which includes HVAC, climate control, battery heater, battery management, DC-DC converter and on-board charger systems. The surface-mount device needs no heatsink, requires few external components and uses a very small PCB footprint. 

The 7W (flyback) / 360mA (buck) device offers a wide input voltage range of 60VDC to 550VDC, efficiently supporting the 400VDC bus generally seen in electric vehicle applications. The new power supply IC gives accurate regulation of better than +/-5% across line voltage, load, temperature and component tolerances. 

Comments Power Integrations’ product marketing manager Edward Ong: “Our automotive switcher ICs reduce size while increasing the reliability and robustness of automotive sub-systems. By supplying auxiliary systems directly from the high-voltage bus with a LinkSwitch-TN2 power supply, automotive engineers can reduce the requirement for the conventional 12 V distributed rail, saving assembly and material cost.”

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