High-performance hybrid couplers ideal for wide band applications

28-07-2020 | Pasternack | Subs & Systems

Pasternack has expanded its line of RF hybrid couplers with new models that satisfy the requirements for higher frequency components.

The company's hybrid coupler line expansion comprises of 21 new models with a high-frequency operating range of up to 40GHz for wide band applications. These coaxial designs provide SMA and 2.92mm connectors. They are excellent for RF applications that need an even split of input and output ports with 90-degree or 180-degree phase shifts while keeping high isolation between the ports. These hybrid couplers provide a power handling capability of up to 100W (CW). These new models give very good isolation and insertion loss performance with low return loss. The flat phase balance performance spans over the frequency range.

“We are happy to be able to offer these high-performance hybrid couplers to meet engineers’ immediate needs for small quantities of components for testing and proof-of-concept builds,” said Steven Pong, product line manager at Pasternack.

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