Dual and triple output AC/DC supplies simplify designs

23-07-2020 | Luso | Power

Available from Luso Electronics is the P-Duke a 40W and 65W dual and triple output AC/DC units, created for industrial and medical applications. The devices are available in three differing footprint formats, Open Frame, U Chassis, and fully enclosed.

The devices provide a range of dual or triple output voltages of between 3.3V and 12V. This allows the user to select a part to supply all voltages needed in a design while eliminating the requirement for further POL DC-DC conversion elsewhere on the project.

The devices provide industrial 62368-1 approvals or for the medical versions, the relevant 60601-1 approvals. The TAD40 and TAD65 are the industrial versions, the MAD40 and MAD65 the medical family.

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