DMD for automotive exterior light control and display applications

24-07-2020 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DLP3021-Q1 Automotive Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) is primarily aimed at automotive exterior light control and display applications, including ground projection with the capability to display dynamic content. Ground projections can help aid vehicle to pedestrian communication, such as back up and door open warnings, as well as orchestrating vehicle communication systems and vehicle personalisation options.

Due to their small form factor and low power operation, projectors with the device chipset can support numerous projection applications. They can be installed in many locations in the car, including inside the side mirror, tail light, front grill, door panel, and more.

This chipset can be linked with LEDs or lasers to produce highly saturated colours with over 125% NTSC colour gamut and can be employed with either RGB or white illumination sources. A DLP Products FPGA configuration can be employed to drive the DMD to decrease form factor for easy integration in a vehicle.

The DLPC120-Q1 DMD controller can also be utilised to drive the DMD with support for 24-bit RGB video input to increase content flexibility.

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