D-sub lightweight backshell offers ESA certification

22-07-2020 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

C&K Hirel product segment has recently introduced the D-Sub Lightweight Backshell with Haloring. This product is available now from TTI Europe. The product is intended to accept connectors E, A, B, C, D and F sizes and it has electroless nickel and gold plating.

Customers can select two quality levels: Flight Model, which is 3401/072 ESA certified; and Engineering Model offering CS FR022 specification.

The Haloring accessory is connected between the D-sub connector and the backshell to assist the shield grounding of cable. The braid of the shielded wires is soldered onto the individual tines of the silver-plated Haloring.

It is also a lightweight product which can be easily integrated into environments demanding weight and space optimisation.

The device is claimed to be the only product on the market to be ESA certified. It can, therefore, be employed in all space applications.

Typical use applications include the aerospace market with satellite, payload equipment, launcher; and harnesses.

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