Compact panel-mounted voltage measurement for industrial applications

07-07-2020 | LEM | Power

The LEM DVC 1000 series provides panel-mounted voltage measurement in a compact package, measuring only 29mm x 51mm x 89mm, giving a total volume of just 131.6cm3.

Designed to measure a nominal voltage of 1000VRMS, the series employs an isolating amplifier, producing very high levels of isolation with a safety insulation voltage of 4.2kV. The employment of an isolating amplifier provides notable space savings over other sensors of similar capacity, which utilise bulky galvanic insulation.

As well as being highly robust, the device also provides high levels of accuracy and temperature stability. An optional DIN rail mounting adapter makes it straightforward to integrate into users’ own applications.

Designed by the company in accordance with the latest standards for traction and industry, the models utilise materials that comply with all relevant fire and smoke requirements (EN 45545), mandatory in railway applications. They are CE marked and are supplied with a five-year warranty.

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