Buck-boost charger ideal for USB-C charging applications

15-07-2020 | Maxim | Power

Maxim Integrated MAX77962 3.2A USB Type-C Buck-Boost Charger, now available from Mouser, functions as a reverse buck with no additional inductor, enabling the IC to power USB On-the-Go accessories. The device operates with a wide input range from 3.5V to 23V, which is excellent for USB-C charging applications. The charger input current limit is programmable from 50mA to 3.15A, which is adaptable to operate from either an AC/DC wall charger or a USB Type-C adapter. The device provides a high level of integration and does not need any external MOSFETs to work, significantly decreasing the solution size. This device's charging current is programmable from 50mA to 3.2A, which supports small or large capacity batteries.

The reverse buck of the device has a true-load disconnect and is protected by an alterable output current limit. The device is highly flexible and programmable through I2C configuration or autonomously through resistor configuration.

The charger incorporates Smart Power Selector, allowing the device to support a wide range of battery sizes and system loads. The selector enables the system to start-up gracefully when an input source is available despite when the battery is deeply discharged (dead battery) or missing. For battery safety and authentication reasons, the IC can be configured to keep charging disabled and enable the DC-DC to switch and regulate the SYS voltage. The system processor can enable charging later utilising the appropriate I2C commands. Alternatively, the IC can be configured to automatically start charging.