Audio eval boards deliver high-performance and low-cost system

13-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

The platform is offered as a Class D amplifier board only or bundled with an SMPS board. The audio evaluation platform provides exceptional sound quality through improved bandwidth and decreased total harmonic distortion. The integrated Class D amplifier features a two-channel, stand-alone, bridge-tied-load design with support for extendibility and scalability. The versatile amplifier can switch between open-loop and closed-loop designs with optimised DSP control of every configuration. The Class D amplifier provides an output power of 75W to 250W, while the companion SMPS gives an output power of 400W and is scalable to 500W. The SMPS also provides a split rail output and includes an EMI/EMC filter.

Both the Class D amplifier and the SMPS boards incorporate the company's enhancement-mode E-HEMTs. The E-HEMTs include the company's Island Technology cell layout to decrease both the device size and cost while achieving substantially higher current and greater performance than other GaN devices. The GS61008P, implemented in the Class D amplifier, is a bottom-side-cooled 100V, 90A E-HEMT that can be simply driven directly from a mixture of GaN drivers. The device, implemented in the SMPS, is a top-side cooled 650V, 22.5A E-HEMT that is simple to drive from standard PFC and LLC controllers. Both transistors provide fast switching, zero reverse recovery charge, and low output capacitance.

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