Touchscreens offer next level of safety with anti-bacterial films

22-06-2020 | CDS | Subs & Systems

CDS investigated employing a surface finish containing a silver nanoparticle coating which is known for its capability to kill bacteria and other microbes by rupturing the bacteria’s cell wall and destroying its structure. This is effectively the equivalent of using soap or detergent. The company has anti-bacterial test results to BS EN ISO 22196 available displaying a positive resistance against E-Coil ATCC 8739, MRSA NCTC 12493, Klebsiella Pnuemoniae ATCC 4352 and Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC 19615 at different incubation times (30min, 1 hr, 24 hrs). These test results are available on request.

The company now offers this silver nanoparticle coating protection in two formats; first, as a new build with the coating implemented on the surface of the glass by the glass manufacturer. If a user has an existing touchscreen component or monitor supply from either CDS or another supplier, the company will support the user with a protected upgrade. If purchasing from another source, all the company need is a drawing or a sample of their current product, as they can rapidly produce a form fit function upgraded product with the CDS-ABF technology.

Secondly, the company can provide the CDS-ABF technology in a film format which can be applied to a current product, either as a factory upgrade or onsite installation. The film is offered in two formats, both have a 2H anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint surface finish (with the silver nanoparticle anti-bacterial coating), but the surface finish can be optically clear or anti-glare.

The finished film is a 0.12mm thick including base silicone adhesive, PET layer and surface hard coat layer with silver nanoparticles. Each film is precisely CNC cut to the exact shape and size and includes radiused corners, cut-outs, etc.

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