Non-isolated buck-boost DC-DC converters suited for multiple uses

04-06-2020 | TDK | Power

TDK Corporation has introduction of the i7C series of 8A 300W-rated non-isolated DC-DC converters, packaged with the industry-standard 1/16th pinout. The output voltage of these step-up and step-down converters is able to be adjusted from 9.6V to 48V and receive a broad range input voltage of 9V to 53V. The converters seamlessly transition from buck to boost mode operation with no disruption in performance.

The series can be employed to derive further high-power outputs from a 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V DC power supply, at a far lower cost than isolated DC-DC converters. With efficiencies of up to 97%, these compact products are excellent for application in medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement, broadcast and portable battery-powered equipment.

Three mechanical configurations are offered, measuring only 36.8mm wide x 34mm length. The 12.2mm high open frame model is ideal for applications needing a very low profile. A baseplate version for conduction cooling to a cold plate is 13mm high, or models featuring an integral heatsink for convection or forced air cooling are 24.9mm high.

All models offer safety certification to the IEC/EN 62368-1 and 60950-1 standards, with CE marking to the Low Voltage and RoHS Directives.

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