Next generation webaccess/DMP advanced enterprise-grade platform solution

30-06-2020 | Advantech | New Technologies

Meeting the increasing demands for further functionality in enterprise-grade platform software, Advantech has released the second generation of its WebAccess/DMP. A notable upgrade on the first generation, the WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 is a cloud-based software platform, available from any standard web browser, for NMS and DMP.

An advanced Enterprise-Grade platform solution for provisioning, managing, monitoring, and configuring the company's routers and IoT gateways, the software also offers a zero-touch enablement platform for every remote device. With the solution, secure zero-touch pre-provisioning and pre-configuration is simple - regardless of how large deployment is. The platform supports full multi-tenancy, with the opportunity of permissions-enabled power-user oversight across tenancies.

"Our complete remote provisioning and management solutions, using industrial-grade cellular routers and the WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 platform, provides industry best-practice security, high efficiency and proven reliability, cost-effectively, across a variety of environments and applications," explained Paul Conway, head of engineering (EMEA) at Advantech.

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