New rubidium oscillator greater stability than traditional OCXOs

04-06-2020 | Suntsu Electronics | Subs & Systems

To support the ever-increasing demand for tighter stability frequency sources for telecom applications, Suntsu has released a new Rubidium Oscillator (Atomic Clock) that provides a frequency accuracy of ±5E10-11 (±0.005ppb) irrespective of temperature fluctuations. With a 10MHz output and operating temperature range of -30C to 60C, the SRO10S-10.000M provides a significant increase in performance over a traditional OCXO.

Offered as standard with a Sinewave output, an HCMOS output can also be provided to special order. Packaged in a sub-miniature, hermetically sealed, 50.8mm x 50.8mm metal package, the device operates over a supply voltage of between 12VDC and 18VDC. Power consumption is 6W maximum with a warm-up time of five minutes. MTBF figures are up to 100,000 hours at the standard operating temperature range.

The device is ideal for applications which demand high performance combined with low power consumption such as LTE, UTMS, WiMax and CDMA.

By Natasha Shek