Industrial point of load power taken to a new level

03-06-2020 | Puls GmbH | Subs & Systems

The ZeroCabinet from PULS Power satisfies the growing demand for flexible, modular power systems for machine building and process engineering. Decentralisation of system components has shown to be an essential factor in modern system planning as it simplifies installation, facilitates expansion and reformatting of systems, and simplifies maintenance. Also, conventional control cabinets can be substituted by smaller versions or even completely removed.

This product is a new type of power supply that has been developed particularly for this environment. A decentralised power supply with protection to class IP54, IP65 or IP67 that is offered ex stock, is simple to install and flexible enough to satisfy the diverse demands of modular factory automation.

Two versions of the cabinet are provided both giving either 300W or 500W power output.

The potential applications of cabinet are practically limitless and incorporate modular applications in the field of conveyor systems, robotics, storage technology, control systems and materials handling.

Marco van der Linden, UK country manager, for PULS comments: “Our new ZeroCabinet decentralised power supply offers designers of industrial systems a cost and space-saving alternative to conventional power distribution. ZeroCabinet makes it possible to use shorter and smaller cross-section cables which reduces both the cost of cabling and of its installation. In addition, an all-in-one device can be used instead of several components simplifying system design and reducing inventory.”

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