IC offers new era of security and connectivity for contactless services

08-06-2020 | NXP | Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors has announced its new MIFARE DESFire EV3 IC that heralds next-generation performance, with advanced security and the seamless integration of mobile services for a new era of security and connectivity in smart city services. As the third evolution of the company's contactless portfolio, the latest IC is backwards compatible and provides enhanced performance with a better operating distance and enhanced transaction speed. Together with its advanced security features, the new IC produces faster, more secure transactions that are completely contactless, such as paying for accessing offices, parking or campuses and utilising other essential city services — all touch-free.

The IC builds upon the portfolio’s heritage of powering mass transit ticketing by also providing the next level of convenience for end-users and reliability for service providers. The company's IC gives multi-application support and provides a wide collection of enhanced features that provides transit agencies, access control solution providers, and system integrators to collaborate on their new business models and scale services.

“We are committed to provide our riders with secure, reliable and flexible transport ticketing solutions,” said Barry Dorgan, head of ticketing systems at the Irish National Transport Authority. “By using NXP’s proven MIFARE DESFire products, we can continue to support our riders with a seamless transport experience that is both safe and convenient.”

“With the launch of MIFARE DESFire EV3, NXP is laying the foundation for a new level of connected smart city services that are form-factor independent and can be available on a traditional smart card or mobile device,” said Philippe Dubois, vice president and general manager of IoT Security and Secure Mobility and Retail at NXP. “The security features of the IC help prevent fraud and theft and, combined with its ability to support a broad range of applications; the IC paves the way for managing many other smart city services beyond transit and access control. NXP is proud to empower society with our contactless solutions for broad-scale use, as the worldwide impact of COVID-19 makes contact-free transactions a necessity.”

“As a leading manufacturer of RFID-based inlays and antennas and long-term partner of NXP, we are excited about the enhanced feature set and scalability of the new product. Together with NXP, we support smart city installations by making them more secure and convenient,” said Benoit Ravier, senior vice president of Global Sales at Linxens.

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