High-reliability thick film resistors offer low assembly costs

15-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Walsin WR Thick Film Resistors feature high reliability, stability, and low assembly costs. These thick film resistors, available now from Mouser, provide high component and equipment reliability, RoHS 2 compliance, and are Halogen-free. These thick film general-purpose chip resistors provide from 1Ohm to 10MOhm (±5% tolerance) jumper, 1Ohm to 10MOhm (±1% tolerance) and operate at -55C to 155C temperature range.

These AEC-Q200 resistors are offered in Cut Tape, Mouse Reel, and Reel packaging styles. The resistors are constructed in a high-grade ceramic body (aluminium oxide).

Typical applications include computer and telecom, consumer electrical equipment, and electronic data processing.

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