Extended range of axial hybrid-polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors

08-06-2020 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation has increased its product range of hybrid-polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors and now provides two series with an axial design. The B40600*/B40700* series is created for rated voltages of 25V, and 35V. These include a capacitance range from 780µF to 2200µF. Capacitors in the 63V voltage class with capacitance values from 390µF to 720µF are available with the B40640*/B40740* series.

The capacitors are produced in four can sizes ranging from 14mm x 25mm to 16mm x 30mm (D x H). These are offered in an axial-lead design (B406*) or as a solder star version (B407*), giving an extensive variety of mounting options. The inner structure of all axial hybrid-polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors is optimised for the thermal connection to a heatsink. Due to the stable mechanical design, a reliable long-term connection to the heat sink can be obtained, thereby giving exceptional heat dissipation. For designs with heat sinks, versions without shrink-on sleeves are provided in both series, while for freestanding assembly, components with a PET shrink-on sleeve are offered.

These capacitors are generally employed in automotive and industrial applications. Typical examples include bidirectional converters for 48V boardnet, motor inverters or hybrid vehicles, electrically-driven power steering systems, pumps, electrical turbochargers and superchargers, radiator cooling fans, gearbox controls and output filters for switch-mode power supplies.

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