Expanded support for frontline health workers with 3D-printed PPE

10-06-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components is widening its focus to assist frontline healthcare workers across the world to access 3D-printed PPE. The company’s DesignSpark engineering community has been extremely active in supporting the N3DPS UK campaign, which has now officially drawn to a close.

3D printing has performed a pivotal role in the UK, serving to keep medical staff and key workers safe since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Employing 3D printers to produce PPE gave the vital fillip required until more conventional manufacturers were ready to ramp up production.

Mike Bray, Group vice president of Innovation and DesignSpark at RS, said: “We are proud to be continuing to assist in the 3D printing effort. The UK was hit hard by the first wave of COVID-19, with global supply chains for PPE stretched to breaking point. Every volunteer who has given their time and effort across all of these initiatives should be very proud to have played their part."

Matthew Aldridge, managing director of igus UK, commented: “When we became aware of this project, we volunteered to help with the assembly of the face visors. Within hours the production line was set up, within days PPE was being delivered to frontline workers, all using igus people, usually working in their own time to make it happen."

Thousands of other volunteers, schools and businesses over the UK have also supported not just this initiative but many others, including 3D Crowd UK and Makers 4 the NHS. Altogether these groups have served to ensure that over 250,000 visors have been created in just two months.

By Natasha Shek